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Speak24: An effective tool to improve your English speaking skill!

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You are worried about your not-very-good English speaking skill? You don’t have time to go to an English centre to improve it? You have never spoken English with an English speaking foreigner just because you live in a remote area? You want to practice speaking English but don’t know who to speak with? Don’t worry because now it is just a mouse click away that you can speak English with a foreigner 24 hours per day.

The http://www.speaking24.com website is specially designed to help those who want to improve their English speaking skill at any time and any place as long as they have a computer connected to the internet. Basically, you can speak English with others on four types of contact namely Skype, MSN, ICQ and Y!msg.

Figure 1: Basic information to create an account.

The website requires you to have an account but this registration process is quite simple. First, you just choose some suitable basic information about yourself in the drop-down boxes (see above). Then, you add your email address. After that, you choose the topic(s) you want to talk about. When you have already done the three processes above, you are now ready to speak.

Figure 2: Your and other people’s accounts will be available here.

When you have already created your account, it will be available on the list with other people’s accounts. What you have to do now is to click on the means of contact of the person whom you would like to practice speaking English with.

If you are interested in improving your skill, don’t hesitate to click and enjoy speaking English now!

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    iam afzal ali khan and i want to chart with who have good skills in english

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